I should be sleeping

10 Mar

I should be sleeping instead of blogging. But tonight I’m filled with a sense of restlessness I can’t explain.

I suppose I can give it a shot…

The baby is sound asleep in her little bed beside mine. She’s snuggled into her Swaddle sleep sack, with her reddish hair fuzzing around her little head. Her blue eyes are closed.

She looks like a cross between an angel and a caterpillar. She’s adorable and sweet. Doesn’t look like the little monster who demands my attention the moment I attempt to do something not Evie-related.

God, I love that little baby.

But I can say one thing…having a baby wreaks havoc on a woman’s writing routine. I’ve not written anything substantial fictionwise since she was born almost eleven weeks ago. Mostly because I’ve been tired and because I need to write the non-fiction articles that I am paid to write. We need the money while I am on maternity leave. Once I’m back at the exclusive clothing boutique where I work a few days a week things will get better…but when will I find time to write my novels?

Evie goes to bed at 10 every night and is up at 7 the next morning. I guess I could write between 10 and midnight…but by that point I am ready to relax for a few hours without a baby in my arms.

I just need to force myself to write…for at least one hour each day. Somehow I am going to do it.

My daughter deserves a mother who sets goals and achieves them, a mother who has dreams and does what she has to to make those dreams a reality.But darnit, this mother is a wee bit tired…can’t dream chasing wait a few…um…years?

Seriously? No. I am going to finish these darn books. (Watching has just a few scenes missing/needing revised, but I am so not in the mood to write them).

By my daughter’s first birthday I am going to have Waiting and Watching completely finished and Wanting in the revision stage. Somehow, I am going to carve a slice out of the clock and write these damn stories!!!!!

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